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Real or Not Real

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Not all websites are what they seem...


Anyone can create pages on the internet. With a little bit of money and time, someone can buy a website, and post what they want. When we research info on the internet, it is important for us to make sure what we read is true. 


Some important ways to make sure the website we are on is real:

  1. Who? Who wrote the website/article?
  2. When? How long ago was the website made? When was it last updated?
  3. What? What is the purpose of the site?
  4. Where ? Where did the information come from? Is there other websites that say the same thing?
  5. Why? Why was the website made? Would they have a reason to give bad information?


Use this handout to help you. 



Riddle me this...


Now it's your turn. Go through the collection of sites below. Only one of the sites below are real. Can you figure out which one it is? 



Do NOT take the survey (It is an old one)

Once you think you know the answer, click here to submit your thoughts. 

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