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Cyber Safety

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Watch the following videos at home the night before our lesson





Here is what we will do in our lesson at school.

To be better prepared, go ahead and think about these things tonight so you will be ready to discuss tomorrow in class.


After watching the short videos, students will discuss in small groups what things are appropriate to post online, and what is not. Students should focus on two things 1) What information about yourself or others should be put online and 2) What types of things posted online could hurt someone’s feelings or be seen as bullying?


Groups will make their own anchor charts displaying things that are appropriate and inappropriate to post on social media.


Groups will share their anchor charts to the class and explain their answers for each column.

The class will come together as a whole and discuss the Student Internet Contract and what the expectations are of online interaction within the classroom. Students will also discuss which parts of the contract are good rules to follow at home too.


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